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Scratch "Short Kit"

Scratch "Short Kit"


The first airplane created is Jim Vigani’s 3DX Hobbies Scratch Kit. The Scratch  is great for beginner to intermediate sport flyers. It is a wood and film covered Almost Ready to Fly that builds in one evening. It is a useful aerobatic trainer with sure movements. If you step up the motor, you can use this for high speed maneuvers or even for pylon racing. This is an affordable plane to add to your lineup. 


  • AUW – 24 ounces
  • Wing Span – 40 inch
  • Fuselage – 31 inch
  • Wing Area – 320 sq in
  • Wing Loading – 10.8 oz/sqft
  • The recommended equipment list:
  • Radio – 4 Channel Rx

Motor / Prop –  A2212-10 and APC 9 x4.7 SF (for beginners) or  A2217-9 and APC 9 x 6E (for higher performance)

Speed Controller – 40A

Servos – Two Corona DS-929MG Digital Metal Gear High Speed Servos for ailerons

Two Corona DS-939MG Digital Metal Gear High Torque Servos for rudder and elevator

This is a short kit, all the need wood is included plus plans.  Kits are cut to order please allow 1-2 weeks.


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